Stress-Free Home Renovations

If you are anything like us, the thought of having your home gutted and renovated is exciting news! However, for some people home renovations can be a stressful undertaking and an overwhelming commitment whether large or small. The good news? Hiring a team of professionals can help ease the process and minimize your family’s discomfort during a project.

Home Renovation

Check out these four project management tips that will help you take the plunge to re-do your kitchen, bathroom or basement!

  1. Research – Knowing the general idea or range for how much the project you want completed will help you set your expectations. Research designs and styles that you like can help your contractor or designer get a better feel for what you are looking for.
  2. Budget – Organize your budget and determine what you are interested in spending. Then after you consult with a professional (*cough, cough…Reither Construction!), compare what you are interested in spending to what you actually have to spend to get the product that you want. This will help you determine what features are realistic for you and what you are willing to forgo.
  3. Decision Maker – Will you and your partner be making decisions together? If so, make sure you have open communication with your partner and your contractor to keep your project moving toward the deadline.
  4. Outsource – Finding a contractor that you can outsource your project to will help you stay stress-free. Let them worry about whether that is a low bearing wall or if the plumbing will have to be moved. Check out some of the awesome home renovations done by Reither Construction here!

Choosing a contractor that you trust is our number one suggestion. Make sure they have licensing, designations and proof of insurance. Check their website for testimonials, and go with your gut!


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