Ask the Expert: Demo Day, What to Expect?

We know, demo day makes a huge mess and this process can be a bit stressful for the customer as they watch the interior of their house come down in shambles. But trust us, it is supposed to be loud, messy and dusty. Because all beautiful things are a mess before, right?

fullsizeoutput_35eWe interviewed CEO and Owner of Reither Construction, John Reither, on what exactly you can expect on day one, demo day of your home remodel.

Q: How long will demo day take?

John: This really is dependent on the job. If we are doing a whole home demo then it could take two days. If it is a just a kitchen it will take one day and if we are pulling out a master bathroom it could only take half a day. Usually when we meet with the customer we will tell them how long demo day will take.

Q: What should I expect to happen first?

John: Usually what happens first is we do a walk through of the house and educate our crew on everything that will need to be done. This includes walking through the drawings and materials. Then usually a roll-away dumpster is delivered to the site while the crew works to section off and tarp the house so that no dust escapes the area we are working on. We also lay down tarps on the floor where we will be walking back and forth. Then the fun begins and your kitchen/bath/basement, etc. will be demolished. Out with the old and in with the new!

Q: Will there be any unforeseen issues once you start knocking down walls and pulling out appliances, etc.?

John: As an experienced contractor we are always thinking ahead to predict if there will be any unforeseen issues that arise. However, any contractor who has been in the industry for a while will run through all these scenarios before starting the project during the planning phase.

Q: Could I do the demolition myself?

John: Whether your demolition is a small powder bathroom to a large kitchen, a demolition can be tricky — especially if it involves electrical wires and plumbing. All of which can cause all sorts of complications that makes even experienced do-it-yourselfers want to scream! Open walls can contain electrical, plumbing, heating ducts or load bearing walls that may require bracing. Hiring a professional who knows how to address all these issues will be worth the time and the money because they are more experienced and if a problem arises they will know how to fix it.



Q: How do you make sure all my furniture in the house doesn’t get nicked or covered in dust?

John: We understand that dust can damage furniture and rugs and ruin the finish on hardwood floors. The first thing we do when we enter you house is tarp the hardwood floors, carpets and put up 6-mil poly and masking or blue tape to block off doorways into rooms we are not using.

Q: Any final thoughts when it comes to demo day?

John: If you are inviting a contractor into your home then you should expect that through the course of the entire project for them to clean up the site as best as it makes sense every evening before leaving the job. At Reither Construction we want to leave our clients house every day with a site that is easy for you to walk through while not tracking debris around with you.

Moral of the story? Prepare to get down and dirty the first day or two of your remodeling project and hire a professional who is respectful of the rest of the house and furnishings inside.


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