The Down-Low on Dust

As explained in our post, Ask the Expert: Demo Day, What to Expect, sectioning off the house is a big deal when it comes to demolition in order not to get dust all over the place. However, what I forgot to mention was that this is important for the WHOLE time a remodeling crew is in your home.

According to in an article about controlling dust during remodeling it is stated that waste from bugs, mice, spiders and bats; silica from drywall; and lead particles from old paint can be found floating around your house when demolishing walls, taking apart cabinets and removing tile. So when hiring a remodeling company make sure they have a solid strategy for containing and removing the dust from your home.

Some tips outlined in the article include:

  • Communication is key – Making sure as the customer that you understand how dusty and what areas are going to be sectioned off is key. Make sure you communicate with the crew at your house and never feel scared to ask questions! But also remember, that it isn’t going to be spotless, this is a construction area after all.
  • Dust extracting power tools – As nice as these tools are they can run upward of $6,000 to $7,000 for a set. The overhead fee might be a bit higher to compensate for these snazzy tools so before saying yay or nay, consider whether the additional cost is worth it to you.
  • Dust Barriers – By applying plastic over the entry and exit point of the area being remodeled, a majority of the dust can be contained. Most remodeling crews apply zip walls or basic plastic that is held up by heavy duty tape.

Overall, hiring a smart remodeling crew who understands how and when to control the dust in your house benefits you and your family but also the crew involved in the process. However, don’t set unrealistic expectations for how clean your newly gutted kitchen should be. It is a work in progress and any contractor will tell you the same thing!





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