When to Hire a Kitchen Designer?

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, contractors are NOT designers! Yes, we have a good eye for the right design and we are happy to give suggestions but by no means have we had training on space planning or room layouts. And in fact, working with a kitchen designer will not only help out the customer but I haven’t met one contractor who doesn’t like to work with these creative, organized and structured human-beings because they help keep the project on-time and on-budget.

Designer & Contractor Collaboration

Just like a great remodeling team can help you get your vision done efficiently and affordably with the best craftsmanship, adding a designer into the equation can help the customer budget wisely, avoid mistakes, make the space beautiful and functional and open doors to new and specialized resources.

So when and how do you find a designer that will fit your needs, budget and standards?

Many contractors have great recommendations for who they prefer to work with and so if you have locked down your remodeling crew ask them for a recommendation because nothing is better than a referral, right?!

Another option is to start your search for a designer online at the National Kitchen and Bathroom Association Website orHouzz.com  which can point you to designers in your area. Also, many home centers, kitchen showrooms and real estate agents might have good leads to check out.

Next, do some vetting over the phone to see if you would like to set up an initial meeting. Then it is time to meet! It is important that you either have the designer come to your house so you can show them the project you need help with or to bring them the blue prints of your kitchen or bathroom. This is an important meeting to let the designer know your scope of the project and also to see if the two of you fit.

Just like you did with your remodeling team, you need to click with your designer. This is someone who will be guiding you through your options for a very large purchase and you need to be able to trust their expertise and also be comfortable enough to tell them what you do and do not like!

Overall, hiring a team that is filled with an educated kitchen/bathroom designer and a talented remodeling crew will guarantee that you end up with a project you are are ecstatic about!



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