News Flash: Cordless Power Tools

There are lots of new and improved power tools coming out that are cordless and use power more efficiently than ever. The Remodeling Magazine highlights some of the best and most noteworthy and we just so happen to agree with them! Check out these fun tools that will have you working less, feeling more efficient and not tripping over those dang cords every five minutes:

  • Biggest Angle Grinder: Metabo introduced the first large cordless angle grinder. It has a brushless motor powered by the new 36v LiHD battery platform. Don’t worry it does have a large grip and a deadman’s paddle switch, fast break system and a swiveling handle.
  • Highest-Torque: Makita’s new 18-volt cordless high-torque impact wrench has a brushless motor that delivers 740 foot-pounds of torque and 1,180 foot-pounds of breakaway torque.
  • Track or Trackless: Festool’s cordless circular saw can be used freehand with the company’s standard FS tracks, or with the new spring=loaded FSK track.
  • Lighter Impact Drivers: Bosch’s new 12V brushless impact drivers are light weight to reduce fatigue. They deliver maximum torque rating os 975 inch-pounds and weights just under 2 pounds.
  • 10-Inch Workhorse: Milwaukee’s cordless dual compound slide miter saw has a motor that can be powered by a single M18 battery or by  a battery pack.
  • 12-Inch Hybrid: According to the Remodeling Magazine this is the most cutting-edge cordless offering by DeWalt’s FlexVolt 12-inch dual compound sliding miter saw. This uses a brushless motor and is not strictly cordless because it can be plugged into a standard 120-volt.

Overall, staying up with the new products is important when you are in the industry or you are a frequent do-it-yourselfer. New products can cost a pretty penny but also allow for a safer environment, ease of use and lets be honest — you just look really cool using them!


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