4 Reasons to Build a Deck this Spring

One of the most popular trends in residential remodeling today is outdoor living. Many homeowners here in Colorado are looking to expand their space outside by installing a small patio to a full outdoor entertainment space, complete with kitchens, fire pits and dining areas.

Regardless of your plans, deciding to add a deck is a great way to get started and add value to your home. Check out these reasons why you should consider adding a deck to your backyard!

  • Enhance the value of your home:

    According to Build Direct, a deck build will offer 100% return in value when you sell your home because they are one of the hottest trends in the home buying market.

  • Hot-spot for a party:

    Having a deck is a great location to host a party and provides a functional space where people can gather outdoors. By adding an outdoor grill or bar area you will be able to entertain for all occasions.

  • New home look:

    There are many more decking material on the market than there were before. You can pick stone flooring, rustic pine or a brick fireplace to spruce up the area and make your deck fit within your aesthetic and style.

  • Functional possibilities:

    There are so many options to add to your deck that will wow you and your guests. From fireplaces, to fire pits and full outdoor living couches and seating, the outside of your home can be just as versatile as the inside.

By building a new deck or renovating an old one, you will enhance and elevate your living space from ordinary and simple to trendy and modern. You will increase your living space and provide a new look to your home without the cost of a full outdoor renovation and most importantly you will retain value for when you decide to sell down the road.

What’s to lose?!


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