7 Tips to Make the Most out of your Denver Dwelling

If you own a home we can guess that you take a lot of pride in it and want to make it worth more in the long run, am I right? Check out this list to find out how to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to enhancing your Denver dwelling.

  1. Replace the siding on your home

    This is the #1 value based home renovation according to the 2016 Cost vs. Value Report put out by the remodeling industry. And lets be honest, we do judge books by their cover when it comes to home!

  2. Brighten up your bathrooms

    Update things like tile, vanities, shower, etc. By keeping the same layout you will save on cost but still be able change the aesthetic of the inside.

  3. Keep up with your kitchen.

    Many home buyers are expecting that the kitchen has stainless steel appliances and hardware, so make sure to update your outdated white or black refrigerator. Try taking down your outdated wallpaper and replacing it with a nice neutral color and add some new light fixtures for a nice accent. Or if you want to get really crazy look into new cabinetry for a whole new feel!

  4. Add to your attic.

    By building on more room for storage or even turning the space into an extra bedroom, homebuyers will be impressed with the extra square footage.

  5. Paint, paint and more paint!

    This is possibly the easiest and most effective ways to make a quick change to the feel and warmth of the house.

  6. Demo that old deck and add on a new!

    You read our last blog, right?! It adds value, it’s important, you get the picture.

  7. Finish your basement.

    A lot of homes have basements that are unfinished, untouched and unused, causing a lot of clutter and dust build up. Refinish that space to add more usable living square footage to your home with a nice entertainment area or additional bedrooms.


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